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Toastie Tan Bunny

Toastie Tan Bunny

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Subdued, natural colors pair well with Toastie the Tan Soft Bunny stuffed animal’s gentle personality. One look into his warm, amber colored eyes and you’ll find yourself falling in love with this irresistible Rabbit. His oversized paws and droopy, lop ears will have animal lovers clamoring to snuggle up with our lifelike cuddle Bunny. An engaging design allows Toastie to sit up or flop down on his belly to drive imaginative play and promote hours of interactive fun. Toastie’s flocked, pink nose will invite kisses, while his cuddly form is ideal for hugs. Whether it’s the springtime season or any other time of the year, the companionship of an endearing plush Bunny friend is always in style!



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