Round 'Em Up Partner Board Game

$ 22.00

Eight Gibby & Libby toys have been awarded the Gold Seal – Best Toy Award from the industry leading Oppenheim Toy Portfolio (OTP). The OTP is the leader in the toy industry in terms of awards and is well-regarded by consumers, manufacturers and the media. Oppenheim is unique as they evaluate toys on two levels. Each toy submitted is evaluated not only by industry experts; they are also kitchen tested by the end user – kids. In order for the toy to win the Gold Seal, both the experts and the end user must agree in their evaluations. Once a product has been awarded a Gold Seal, it is then in contention for a Platinum Seal. We are proud to announce this product as one of our eight Oppenheim Award Winners!

Howdy, Partner! After spinning the game spinner, gallop around your cow town collecting your lasso, vest, cowboy hat and belt. Carefully navigate watering holes and dust bowls, collect all of your cowboy gear and be the first cowpoke back to the ranch to win! Yeehaw!

      • Ages 4+
      • Measures 10 1/2" W x 10 1/2" H x 2" D